Artisan crafted CBD tincture flavors are here to elevate your unique custom tincture products.

Custom CBD Flavors

The senses of taste and smell are directly connected to our emotions and if you want your customers to absolutely love your unique tincture products, there are many opportunities available (87 and counting) to elevate your products with amazing flavors that are unlike anything your customers have experienced before in a CBD tincture.

While the seven standard flavor options that we offer in our standard tincture pricing are all amazing and completely natural, our CBD Artisan Tincture Flavor product upgrades give you an opportunity to explore an entire spectrum of flavors and dial in the perfect options for your unique brand and your discerning customers.

All CBD Artisan Tincture Flavor options are All-Natural, Non-GMO and Kosher Pareve certified.

Add CBD Artisan Tincture Flavors to your custom CBD tincture order...

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Lemon Verbana Flavored CBD Tinctures

Lemon Verbana

A refreshing and vibrant citrus flavor, with a divine scent
Caramel Flavored CBD Tinctures


Yes. We have caramel and you can too!