The custom CBD topicals that you have been looking for are here.

Custom CBD Skin Products
Highly respected and treasured, the healing power of Mother Nature remains to be the very best medicine available to mankind. Years of evolutionary progress lends to the wisdom that she graciously imparts upon us. Her form and design are near impossible to duplicate. We maintain the belief that natures perfection needs no alteration, so we set about to do just that with an array of blends and formulas made by nature, for you.
Custom CBD Beauty Brand

Capturing the essence of only the highest quality herbs, flowers, and plants is just a part of our mission to support and sustain demanding lifestyles. Respect for the planet with a focus on the purity of our ingredients makes Covalent Custom Cannabinoids a true leader in the holistic community. Blending recent scientific discoveries with ancient earth medicine creates our unique, homeopathic journey to wellness. Thrive as nature intended us to, with CBD Artisan Topicals.

This ever-growing product category is a suite of small-batch, artisan crafted and customizable products featuring premium botanical base formulas that can be refined with your choice of cannabinoids, concentration, fragrances and can include any of a wide range of CBD Artisan Essential Oils and Botanical Extracts.