Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP Compliance)

Covalent Custom Cannabinoids Facility

Manufacturer: Green Star Labs, Inc. (dba Covalent CBD)
FDA Food Facility Registration Number: 17178984546
Registration Expiration Date: 12/31/2024
EIN: 87-4263457
DUNs Number: 14529955186
GMP Compliance

Date: January 1, 2022

To whom it may concern,

In regards to our Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s), a brief description of our GMP policies follows.

A detailed current GMP policy applies to all employees and visitors at our facility. The policy addresses personnel practices, such as hair nets, jewelry, eating and hand washing, using the Federal Guidelines for Food, 21 CFR 117. Other important categories addressed in the policy include maintenance of the plant and ground, cleaning substances, cleaning practices, equipment and utensil design and control, and process controls from product receipt through final product shipping.

All manufacturing production and fulfillment employees receive annual refresher training on Good Manufacturing Practices along with the other personal safety and food safety topics. Our facility is continutally audited internally to ensure all of our quality assurance efforts are remaining current and effective.

All materials in the production process for the products we produce are lot coded and batch tracked for 100% traceability. Every milligram of cannabinoid concentrates, every milliliter of carrier oils and flavor agents, every bottle, label, safety seal and carton is batch tracked. That is 360° Quality Assurance. All cannabinoid concentrates used are extracted from Federally compliant, USA-grown industrial hemp in accordance with the Nevada Department of Agriculture State of Nevada Hemp Plan and Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 557.

Covalent Custom Cannabinoids is committed to consistently providing quality products and developed detailed programs to effectively fulfill this commitment to GMP compliance.

Kelly Ann Bortman, Founder & President
Kelly Ann Bortman
Founder & President

CBD Manufacturer

360° Quality Assurance Systems Documents:

Covalent Quality Assurance

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