Wholesale CBD Gummies

Why choose Covalent Custom Cannabinoids for the BEST Wholesale CBD Gummies?

Wholesale CBD gummies from Covalent Custom Cannabinoids come in many sizes and shapes. The standard size CBD Gummies can be eaten vegan. They are infused using a proprietary process that we developed to ensure precise dosing and testing. There are many natural flavors available, including orange, strawberry and watermelon, as well as lemon, lime, cherry, and grape. We believe that high-quality CBD products should be appealing to consumers, even if the CBD is removed from them. This is why Covalent Custom Cannabinoids bulk CBD gummies and wholesale private label CBD gummies are preferred CBD gummy by some of the most prominent brands in the cannabis industry. A high-quality CBD gummy will be able to sell on the market if it has a great taste. Our CBD product development team collaborates with top flavor experts around the globe to ensure that 100% vegan CBD gummies are delicious and pass all tests.

Our bulk and wholesale CBD gummies are manufactured in one of our GMP plants that specializes in gummy manufacturing. These facilities are food-grade, kosher and follow strict guidelines for CBD edible production.

Our CBD wholesale gummies have been 3rd-party tested numerous times before being ready for distribution. All aspects of your order can be handled by us, from packaging design and bottling to labeling and wholesale drop shipping.

One of our many advantages is the ability to produce high volumes of CBD-infused gummies. We are experts in the formulation of hemp cannabinoid gummies and have the experience and data to determine the correct overages to ensure that the final product is properly dosed. We make tens to millions of CBD-infused hemp gummies each month and can expand our production to meet your needs, no matter how big or small.

Wholesale and bulk CBD customers of Covalent Custom Cannabinoids are currently selling products through some of the most important retail channels for CBD hemp CBD. Covalent Custom Cannabinoids is a trusted partner that can supply CBD gummies and edible products in large quantities. Our wholesale CBD gummies are often used by customers to test the market, build awareness and establish their CBD brand before they move into bulk CBD products or private label CBD. We are specialists in the manufacture of hemp-derived cannabinoid formulations. We can customize make a vegan gummy in any shape or size, including squares, bears ovals, ovals drops, worms and many other shapes.

Covalent Custom Cannabinoids has the highest supply of rare cannabinoids, such as CBN and CBC. The best quality CBD hemp gummies are made with the finest ingredients. Our customers have the option to combine CBD with a variety of botanical ingredients.

It is crucial to make sure that the taste and texture of your custom bulk CBD gummy or wholesale CBD gummy are consistent when manufacturing private label products. Our Research and Development team can help you choose the right ingredients, potencies and flavors for your CBD gummy product.

On request, custom blends of cannabinoid profiles are available. Available in True Full Spectrum (0.3% Hc) or Broad Spectrum Zero THC, or Pure CBD isolate. Standard 10 mg and 25 mg cannabinoid levels are available. Available in bulk CBD gummy or wholesale. Available in 30 and 60 count standard bottles. Vegan-friendly made with pectin. Third party lab testing. Accurately dosed. Always infuse - never coated You can add terpenes and botanicals to create custom blends. You can customize your potency and mandalorian schmegma. Capacity for high volume production.

You can enjoy a delicious blast of CBD in our CBD Gummies. We offer a variety of flavors to choose from. Our gummies are great for sleep, superfood supplements, detox, and multivitamins. This is just the beginning. We have also added Full Spectrum CBD + Delta-9 to our line of CBD products to the world of gummies. This will give you a delicious boost in legal, hemp-derived THC. And, soon, you can shop our website for CBD mushroom chews. These gummies deliver all the benefits of mushrooms and the additional wellness benefits of CBD. We have the perfect CBD product for you if you are looking for something sweet for your taste buds that is potent enough for all of your wellness needs.

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