Custom CBD Topicals FAQs

Custom CBD Skincare lines

Please get in touch if you don't find the answer to a question you have about CBD Artisan Custom CBD Topicals.

Custom CBD Hair Care Products

What is your minimum order quantity for custom CBD topicals?

100 units is our MOQ for White Label products. That means products that are formulated, packaged and lot coded but not quite retail-ready finished products as the customer will design, source and apply the product labels and/or secondary packaging. 250 units is our MOQ for Private Label products. This order level includes label design, printing and application for a retail-ready finished product.

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Are there alternate containers available?

Yes, there are a range of product upgrade options available for each product SKU. We will have these avaialble for adding to your order as product upgrades ASAP, but in the meantime your Account Manager can help you with alternate container options.

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Can I supply my own containers?

Yes. In most cases it is easy enough to complete your order with containers that you supply to us. We would want to know that the packaging you have in mind is compatible with our filling and labeling equipment, so please do coordinate with your Account Manager in advance of sending your packaging to us. Please ALWAYS reference your order number on packaging items that you are having shipped to us.

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Where do I ship the containers I am supplying?

Please ship to our production facility at: Covalent CC, LLC Attn: Receiving, 955 Grier Drive, Suite B, Las Vegas, NV 89119. (702) 766-4673.

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Can I supply some custom ingredients?

Possibly. We need to know that the ingredients are cGMP-compliant and untampered with and such. Your Account Manager can help you with details.

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Can I make changes to the base ingredients?

In general, no. Our base formulas have been perfected to work as intended with CBD and the range of botanical ingredients that we offer. Our base formulas are generally made in 200 lb batches, so that would be a minimum order quantity. That is a substantial investment, but we never say no until we understand your needs.

CBD Bulk Beauty Products

Can I order bulk formulations?

We currently don't offer them for online ordering, but your Account Manager can help you with bulk orders in 5 gallon increments.

Custom Cannabinoids

What is the lead time for custom CBD topicals?

Most orders can be fulfilled within a 2-4 week window. Occassionally we will end up waiting for some ingredient we need to be back in stock, but will always notify you of a potential delay and present possible alternatives if it is a substantial delay.

Full Spectrum CBD Products

Can you make custom full spectrum topicals?

Full spectrum distillate doesn't work as well as CBD isolate or nano water soluble CBD in all of our formulations as we would hope. Lotions, body butter, some creams, shampoo and conditioner are generally OK with full spectrum. Please let us know what you have in mind.

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Can we get printed cartons for our products?

Yes. We will have online ordering available as soon as all packaging specs are finalized and layout die lines are available for each SKU. In the meantime, contact to order product cartons.

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