Coffee Extract

Coffee Products
Botanical Source: Coffea arabica
Ingredient Addition Cost: $0.12 - $0.04 per unit
Natural Respitory Health Essential Oil

Coffee Extract has strong, anti-oxidant properties that help protect our skin and photo-protective qualities that make it useful in hair care products as well. Use our Coffee Extract in your anti-aging body lotions and creams to take full advantage of the anti-oxidation properties. Color protection shampoos, conditioners and other hair products will be enhanced by adding coffee extract as well.

Coffee Bean Extract for Topical Production

Rich in Linoleic Acid, Coffee Extract can help add moisture to the skin, benefit maturing skin, improve the appearance of damaged skin, and help promote skin regeneration. Palmetic Acid in Coffee Extract is known to possess anti-inflammatory properties, have emollient properties, help heal rashes, dryness and insect bites on the skin, and help remove excess oil from skin. Oleic Acids from Coffee Extract are known to help calm and soothe skin, possess antioxidant properties, and help balance and repair skin damage. Stearic Acid from Coffee Extract is known to possess cleansing properties, help soothe damaged skin, have emulsifying properties, and help stabilize the texture in skin products.