Frequently Asked Questions About Our Private Label CBD Program

Please contact our design team if you don't find the answer to questions you have about our Private Label Program packaging design and print production services.

What are the minimum order quantities for private label CBD packaging?

In general, our MOQ for private label CBD products is 250 units per SKU. Some product upgrade add-on items, such as custom printed tincture cartons or custom printed product pouches have slightly higher MOQs. In the event that you need to order more cartons, for instance, than your initial product order to meet MOQ levels, we have a fairly sophisticated inventory system for tracking our customers' product packaging and will keep your over-run items on hand for quick fulfillment on repeat orders.

private label packaging

How do I get my private label CBD project started?

If you are placing your order through your Account Manager, they will manage the introduction of your project into our workflow and get you in touch directly with your packaging designer. For those customers who order Private Label CBD options online directly, our Customer Service team or Design Department manager will reach out to confirm all details and get your project in the works.

Start A CBD Brand

What do you need from me?

Most often, our customers will already have their brand name established, logo designed and website domain registered by the time they get started on a packaging design project. We request vector format artwork files for your logo. Links to any product examples that you might have already decided is a "brand look" that is similar to what you have in mind are helpful to get up front, along with any other specific details that you might require.

Brand Design Services

What if I don't have a logo developed yet?

Core brand identity development is outside of our standard private label program services and pricing. We are always happy to offer a proposal on core brand development. We highly recommend DesignCrowd as a very cost-effective way of having your logo artwork developed. How it works is you can determine your budget (usually $300-$400 will yield get response) and launch a logo design contest. Expert logo designers from all corners of the globe will submit design options, and you can choose from usally dozens of design options. It is a great platform, and many of our customers use it with fantastic results. Check out DesignCrowd...

Custom Brand Templates

Can you supply label templates if I am working with my own graphic designer?

Of course. We maintain current label templates for all of our product and packaging options. We'll have a complete label template index on our site soon where you can download any option for labels or carton die lines. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to our Design Department with specific requests.

Alternative Custom Packaging

Is it possible to have alternate packaging from what is presented on your site?

In most cases, using alternate packaging for Private label order level projects isn't a problem. Our standard options are usally in stock and allow us to ship customer orders quickly. Minimum order quantities and additional cost might apply. Reach out to your Account Manager to discuss available options if you need alternate packaging.

Cannabinoid Brand Custom

Can I supply my own packaging?

We are always happy to accommodate our customers who prefer to supply their own packaging. It is best to work through your Account Manager if you are providing special packaging for your finished products. They will ensure that all of the details are properly communicated through our workflow and make sure your products are delivered exactly the way you expect them.

CBD Product Labels

Can I supply my own product labels?

We are happy to work with your supplied product labels, however it is very important that the labels delivered to use meet our equipment requirements and that the content for the labels has been reviewed and confirmed to be correct for the individual products. Please coordinate with your Account Manager if you intend to supply your own carton labels.

QR Codes for Labeles

Can you provide QR Codes for my labels?

Yes. We do need to know how you are intending to use them. Many customers have the QR Code load a PDF format Certificate of Analysis for a specific product. Others want to display a page on their website that contains COA listings for various products or product batches. Others simply want to send customers to their web site or a product information page. In the end, a QR code is simply a web URL encoded into a 2D symbol. We're happy to provide QR codes, but here is a free tool that you can use yourself...simply select QR Code from the Barcode type menu, paste in your complete URL and click the "Make Barcode" button. (Various file formats are available for download, but .EPS is best for label artwork)

Cannabinoid Dietary Supplements

Should my CBD products be labeled as Dietary Supplements?

No. Some of our customers do, but it's not recommended. While the Food and Drug Administration has not published clear labeling guidelines for CBD and cannabinoid products, however they have made a very clear statement regarding this and you can read it here...