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Medisca Max Mixer

The Medisca MAZ® Mixer

Expanding on the pioneering success the Medisca MAZ® mixer has brought to the pharmaceutical compounding industry, Medisca is excited to partner with Covalent Custom Cannabinoids to bring this revolutionary planetary mixer to the Cannabis and Hemp Cannabinoids markets. From processing the flower to preparing a final commercial good, the Medisca MAZ® drastically streamlines processes from hours to minutes. All while protecting the integrity of the cannabis extract and its active compounds.

Capabilities and patented applications:

  • Homogenize distillates and creams
  • Melt (Patent No. 10,993,876 and 10,231,903) gelatin bases
  • Reduce particle size of dried flowers
  • Deaerate and purge solvents
  • Mix directly in the dispenser with the MAZ® adapters (Patent No. 11,096,864, 10,420,705, 10,765,600, and 11,090,224)

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Topical Product Fulfillment

Applicaitions for Particle Reduction

Particle Size Reduction

Using milling beads and stainless steel liner, the MAZ® technology offers an innovative solution to grind and reduce the particle size of dried cannabis flower. Reducing the particle size of the dried cannabis flower increases the surface area, facilitating the extraction and maximizing the yield of tinctures, CBD, and other cannabinoids. The increased surface area-to-volume ratio allows for improved contact between the solvent and the cannabis material, facilitating the release of valuable compounds.

Create Cannabinoid-Rich Creams in minutes!

Traditional methods of combining cannabis extracts into creams or other topical vehicles often rely on shear force, which can compromise the integrity of the cannabis extract and its active compounds. Leveraging simultaneous revolutionary and rotational forces, the MAZ® mixer allows you to homogenize cannabis extract into a topical cream within minutes and without subjecting the extract to shear stress. With a vacuum-like feature, the MAZ® mixer also eliminates exposure to oxidation with deaeration capabilities. Achieve consistency, uniformity, efficiency, and quality.

Mix and Melt Gummies in minutes.

The MAZ® mixer is the ideal technology for gummy and edible production, offering a range of benefits including no need for a double boiler, rapid processing time, excellent homogenization, and minimal air incorporation. Within minutes, you can melt gelatin bases relying solely on planetary mixing that generates low heat, ideal for heat sensitive cannabis extracts. This patented process (Patent No. 10,993,876 and 10,231,903), unique capability of the MAZ® mixer, will drastically streamline your processing and workflow. Weigh, melt, and mix in one container.

Rapidy homogenize distillates and tinctures

Utilizing advanced homogenization capabilities, the MAZ® mixer is ideal for processing difficult to work with distillates and tinctures. In minutes, the MAZ® mixer processes distillates and tinctures into a homogeneous blend with uniform distribution of cannabinoids and other active ingredients. Achieving this uniformity is crucial for preparing cannabis products with homogeneous potency throughout the product and is essential for consistent dosing.

Transform oils and extracts in to powder blends faster and more accurately than ever before possible!

Using a powder-based blend and MAZ® mixer technology transforms cannabis distillates, oils, and extracts into homogeneous dried powders. This innovative technique streamlines the extraction process and generates a powder blend with uniform distribution of cannabis extract – ideal for achieving consistency in potency and dosing.

Purge Solvents with Vacuum-Like Capability

The combination of the built-in, vacuum-like capability and controlled heating of the MAZ® mixer creates an ideal condition that promotes rapid solvent evaporation. By spreading the extract into a thin layer and subjecting it to vacuum, the MAZ® mixer maximizes the contact between the extract and the surrounding environment facilitating evaporation of hydrocarbon solvents in minutes.

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    • Cullen Raichart, CEO
      The Medisca MAZ mixer is the single most versatile and impactful machine to hit the cannabis market in a long time. I wish I would have invented it. If you are doing anything that requires mixing or combining things, you need this machine - from salves and topicals, to edibles and tinctures. Oh and it is built to last. What a great piece of technology.
      Cullen Raichart, CEO
      GreenBroz, Inc.
    • Michael Kelley, Director of B2B Partnerships
      The Medisca MAZ is a disruptive technology - plain and simple! Rarely can a small manufacturer compete head-to-head with an MSO. The MAZ levels the playing field. This technology immediately improves safety while increasing production and reducing overhead. Today Cannabis Brands need to differentiate themselves from the competition. Over the last decade the MAZ has been establishing itself as the industry standard in pharmacy compounding labs around the world. By investing in the MAZ, you will benefit from a pharma tech support team and SOP compliance library that will impress any Director of Operations with GMP certification concerns.
      Michael Kelley, Director of B2B Partnerships
      Kelley Green Partners
    • Kelly Ann Bortman, Founder & CEO
      The Medisca MAZ has changed the way we blend, create, diversify and operate our business. We have reduced our R&D time and cost by over 60% using this innovative machine. Our topicals are now more luxurious due to the MAZ capability to remove air during the mixing process, making a thicker and smoother end product. Our customers know the difference and appreciate the technology being used on the cannabis side of science.
      Kelly Ann Bortman, Founder & CEO
      Covalent Custom Cannabinoids

    Medisca Max Mixer

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