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Medically Minded CBD Professional Grade Formulations

Professional Grade Formulations

Medically Minded is a brand committed to providing only the best premium quality, yet affordable hemp-derived CBD products that are born by Nature and backed by cannabinoid science.

CBD or lesser known as Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring substance that is produced by the resinous flower of the marijuana or hemp plant. The cannabis plant goes all the back in history where Emperor Shen-Nong became the first person in recorded history to use the cannabis plant as medicine. Among the various drugs that When Nong used was cannabis called “ma” Ma was a unique drug for it is both masculine or yang, and both feminine or yin. Flash forward to the future and the ancient therapeutic qualities of the cannabis hemp plant are being tested and confirmed by scientist and Doctors worldwide.

As a safe, nonaddictive drug, CBD is one of over 100 Phytocannabinoids.” which are unique to the cannabis plant. CBD is closely related to THC which gives consumers the high feeling. But unlike THC, CBD will not make the person stoned or intoxicated. The dual qualities of CBD being potent therapeutical medicine and being non-intoxicating make an appealing alternative to modern narcotics. Medically Minded CBD is a leader in the field of producing high-quality third-party tested CBD products for your needs.


Are you a legal marijuana or recreational cannabis shop? Or does your business specialize in health and wellness products? Considere purchaching Medically Minded CBD products at wholesale and bulk prices. Your customers will be ensured that they are getting high quality third party tested CBD products that can be verified directly from their smart phone.

All Products Tested By Third Party Labs

It is extremely important to receive proof that your CBD products have been tested by a third party lab to ensure the chemical composition of your products. Medically Minded CBD has every CBD batch tested by a third-party lab. All of Medically Minded Cannibinoil products organic industrial hemp. Our scientific team has patented a water-soluble cannabidiol formulation. Our water-soluble Cannibinoil formulation provides three times more bio available to the human consumer.

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