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WA legislators weigh ban on delta-8, other hemp-derived products

Lawmakers in Washington state are considering a last-minute ban on intoxicating hemp-derived products such as delta-8 THC. According to The Associated Press, the recently introduced bill was spurred by the booming hemp industry...
February 28, 2022 | Hemp Industry Daily | Read The Article Hemp Industry

Hemp associations say existing global conventions make CBD legal

Eleven hemp associations from around the world have agreed to a common position on CBD, seeking normalization they say is implied by existing international conventions. The groups say that while International Drug Control systems (IDCCs) impose strict rules for cannabis growing for research and the pharmaceutical sector, those provisions do not apply to hemp and industrial uses of the cannabis plant unrelated to controlled substances...
February 28, 2022 | HempToday | Read The Article Delta-8 News

California’s CBD law: One step forward, two steps back?

After four years of waiting with bated breath, California finally enacted legislation regulating and authorizing the sale, processing and manufacturing of hemp-derived products such as foods, supplements and cosmetics. Notably, the sale of such products had already proliferated in California for years, largely unabated...
February 25, 2022 | Hemp Industry Daily By Garrett Graff and Chris McCall | Read The Article California CBD News

Survey Finds Most U.S. Parents Would Be Comfortable Using CBD To Treat Illness In Their Children

Most parents in the United States are still in the dark when it comes to the potential benefits of hemp-based cannabidiol products on children. But, according to a new survey from the University of Michigan’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, nearly two-thirds of parents are open to learning more, and see CBD as a potentially viable option for their kids when other medications don’t work...
February 22, 2022 | Written by Chris Kudialis | Leafreport | Read The Article USDA Hemp News

USDA pegs value of hemp harvested in 2021 at $824 million

The total value of hemp harvested in the USA last year was $824 million, led by flower production, which brought roughly $735 million from outdoor and indoor growing combined, according to figures reported by producers to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for the first time. Income from flowers dwarfed that from fiber and grain, with values for those outputs reported at $41.4 million and $5.99 million, respectively, according to USDA’s inaugural National Hemp Report released yesterday...
February 18, 2022 | HempToday | Read The Article New York Hemp Famers

New York Passes Bill to Let Hemp Farmers Start Growing for Adult-Use Cannabis Program

The New York Legislature has approved a bill that will allow the state’s licensed hemp growers to obtain early, conditional licenses to cultivate and process cannabis for the state’s adult-use program, News10 reports. Farmers eligible to obtain a temporary conditional license must have a valid industrial hemp grower authorization and must have grown or harvested hemp for at least two years...
February 18, 2022 | By TG Branfalt | Ganjapreneur | Read The Article Kentucky Delta-8

Proposed law in Kentucky would enshrine ban on delta-8 products

A bill circulating in the Kentucky legislature would ban all forms of “intoxicating products” derived from industrial hemp, including those with delta-8 THC, a compound many U.S. states are grappling with as they refine cannabis laws and regulations. The draft law put forth this week would also outlaw smokable hemp in the form of cigarettes or cigars as well as smokeless products such as chew or dip; whole hemp buds, hemp teas, and ground hemp flowers and leaves...
February 16, 2022 | HempToday | Read The Article Michigan Marijuana

Michigan consolidates hemp and marijuana oversight under one agency

Michigan is combining the regulation of its hemp and marijuana industries in a bid to make government oversight of the two sectors more efficient and effective. Following an executive order signed by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Friday, hemp and marijuana rules will fall under the state’s renamed Cannabis Regulatory Agency...
February 14, 2022 | Hemp Industry Daily | Read The Article Marijuana News

Is hemp-derived delta-8 THC causing consumer confusion?

Delta-8 THC dominated sales in hemp shops around the country in recent years. But is this trend affecting CBD sales? Are consumers confusing delta-8 THC with CBD products? Megan Duvall believes so. The chief business officer for FSOil, an industrial hemp extractor in Woodburn, Oregon, said delta-8 THC product manufacturers and retailers are promoting the isomer as a legal product because it is made from hemp-derived CBD...
February 10, 2022 | By Laura Drotleff | Hemp Industry Daily | Read The Article Weed News

Bill Aims to Reform Federal Hemp Laws

A bill introduced in the U.S. House on Tuesday would increase allowable THC limits in hemp products, remove requirements that hemp be tested at Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)-registered laboratories, and eliminate the 10-year ban on individuals with drug-related felony convictions from receiving industry licenses...
February 9, 2022 | By TG Branfault | Ganjapreneur | Read The Article CBD Pricing

CBD Pricing Report: The Price Difference between the Cheapest and Most Expensive Topicals Increases to 11142%

Following up on our April 2021 report, Leafreport checked in on CBD pricing again in November 2021. Our analysis reveals the cheapest and most expensive brands for each CBD product category, the price difference between products in the same category, and whether prices are trending upwards or downwards...
February 9, 2022 | Written by Emma Francis Stone, Ph.D. | Leafreport | Read The Article DEA Breakdown THC News

As hemp THC sales boom online and by mail, cannabis industry braces for crackdown

The rise of delta-9 THC products derived from hemp, commonly sold online and shipped across state lines with little of the taxes or safety requirements faced by marijuana producers, has the cannabis industry bracing for tighter state and federal limits on intoxicating hemp products. As Congress starts to talk about the upcoming 2023 Farm Bill and state legislatures hold annual sessions to update laws, many expect a raft of new rules in coming months about how hemp extracts can be used...
February 8, 2022 | By Kristen Nichols | MJBizDaily | Read The Article Delta-8 THC Industry

How the delta-8 THC industry started, and where it’s headed

When Harold Jarboe told his partners at Columbia River Cannabis in 2014 that he was leaving the licensed Washington state marijuana company to grow hemp in Tennessee, they thought he was crazy. “They thought I’d lost my mind,” Jarboe recalled. And for a while, it seemed as if they were right...
February 7, 2022 | By Omar Sacirbey | Hemp Industry Daily | Read The Article Hemp Oil Rockstar

Pepsi Launches Hemp Oil-Infused Rockstar Product

PepsiCo is launching a new Rockstar Energy product — Unplugged — infused with hemp seed oil, CNBC reports. The brand is similar to a test product, Rockstar Energy + Hemp, that was launched in Germany last April but contains twice the amount of caffeine as the U.S. formulation...
February 4, 2022 | By TG Branfalt | Ganjapreneur | Read The Article Federal cannabis banking bill

US House passes measure that includes cannabis banking

The U.S. House of Representatives passed an American competitiveness bill Friday that includes legislation that would enable banks to serve cannabis businesses without fear of reprisal, but it’s unclear whether the measure will pass the full Congress. The SAFE Banking Act was similarly attached to a national defense budget bill, only to be stripped out by Senate leadership.
February 4, 2022 | By Jeff Smith | MJBizDaily | Read The Article Cannabis NFT News

The NFT boom is coming to cannabis. Here’s what hemp operators need to know about it.

The NFT boom is coming for THC and CBD. Cannabis companies are rolling out non-fungible tokens to build hype around new products, verify testing lab results as legit and sell consumers on exclusive deals. Proponents of NFTs – defined as digital art tied to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology – say they’re the future of the next iteration of the internet, often called the metaverse...
February 3, 2022 | By Bart Schaneman | Hemp Industry Daily | Read The Article NFL Cannabis

NFL Pitches In $1 Million For Cannabis And CBD Research On Pain

Grant comes as sports leagues around the U.S. and world have slowly opened up to athletes using cannabis as medicine. The National Football League on Wednesday awarded a combined $1 million to a pair of medical research teams tasked with investigating the effects of cannabinoids on pain management and neuron protection from concussions in elite football players...
February 3, 2022 | Written by Medical Team, Leafreport's Clinician Team. | Leafreport | Read The Article Medical Cannabis News

Oregon bill would limit hemp licensing in effort to fight outlaw pot farms

A bill being proposed in the Oregon legislature would authorize state agriculture officials to limit industrial hemp licenses as one way to crack down on illegal marijuana growers that plague the state. The measure is one of three now before Oregon lawmakers that aim to address the outlaw pot farms, many of which masquerade as licensed hemp operators, police have said...
February 3, 2022 | HempToday | Read The Article Hemp Licensing Pot Farms

Mississippi Gov. Signs Medical Cannabis Legalization Bill

Mississippi became the 37th state to legalize medical cannabis after Republican Gov. Tate Reeves signed the state’s new marijuana bill into law yesterday, NPR reports. The new law takes effect immediately...
February 3, 2022 | by Graham Abbott | Ganjapreneur | Read The Article Mississippi Cannabis Legalization

Thailand cannabis change opens opportunities for low-THC hemp products

Thailand’s Health Ministry recent removal of marijuana from the country’s list of controlled drugs is opening business opportunities only for low-THC hemp operators for now, because the country has retained a cap on allowable THC. The nation of almost 70 million plans to limit products above 0.3% THC to highly regulated medical sales channels, experts say...
February 2, 2022 | Hemp Industry Daily | Read The Article Florida Cannabis Legalization

All Florida Cannabis Legalization Campaigns Fall Short

Three campaigns to put a cannabis legalization question on Florida ballots have failed, meaning the state’s last path forward on the issue this year is its politically polarized Legislature...
February 2, 2022 | By Lukas Barfield | Ganjapreneur | Read The Article Medical Marijuana

Mississippi becomes the 37th state to legalize medical marijuana

Mississippi is legalizing medical marijuana for people with debilitating conditions such as cancer, AIDS and sickle cell disease. Republican Gov. Tate Reeves signed the legislation Wednesday and it became law immediately. It could be months before the first marijuana dispensaries open...
February 2, 2022 | The Associated Press | Read The Article Hemp Licensees Idaho

Hemp Licensees Set to Launch In Idaho

Idaho has started to issue hemp licenses and, as the last state in the U.S. to legalize hemp, its producers are looking at the crop as a major economic opportunity...
February 1, 2022 | By Lukas Barfield | Ganjapreneur | Read The Article Costa Rica Cannabis Bill

Hemp provisions to be retained in Costa Rican cannabis bill

Costa Rica looks poised to ban the home growing of marijuana for medical patients but provisions proposed to govern industrial hemp will remain in place, according to changes requested by President Carlos Alvarado. Alvarado late last week partially vetoed a proposed cannabis law that had passed the Costa Rican Legislative Assembly on a slim 29-28 vote earlier this month...
February 1, 2022 | HempToday | Read The Article Marijuana News


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