Mother Nature's finest ingredients work well with cannabinoids by design because she made it so with intention.

CBD Artisan Botanical Extracts

Highly respected and treasured, the healing power of nature remains to be the very best medicine available to mankind. Years of evolutionary progress lends to the wisdom that she graciously imparts upon us. Her form and design are near impossible to duplicate. We maintain the belief that natures perfection needs no alteration, so we set about to do just that with an array of blends and formulas made by nature, for you. Capturing the essence of only the highest quality herbs, flowers, and plants is just a part of our mission to support and sustain demanding lifestyles. Respect for the planet with a focus on the purity of our ingredients makes Covalent a true leader in the holistic lifestyle community. Blending recent scientific discoveries with ancient earth medicine creates our unique, homeopathic journey to wellness. Thrive as nature intended us to, with CBD Artisan Essential Oils from Covalent Custom Cannabinoids.

CBD + Acail Berry Extract

Acai Berry Extract

The high antioxidant content found in Acai Berry Extract makes it a highly beneficial ingredient in modern beauty products. Acai berries are a Brazilian “superfruit.” They’re native to the Amazon region where they’re a staple food. However, they’ve recently gained popularity globally and are praised for being particularly beneficial to health and well-being. The high antioxidant content found in Acai Berry Extract makes it a highly beneficial ingredient in modern beauty products. It is extremely high in many forms of plant antioxidants phytochemicals that contribute to slowing or reversing the typical aging processes related to oxidative damage. In fact, the berries are one of the planet's highest sources of antioxidants, with one berry holding ten times the amount of antioxidants as grapes, and two times the amount as blueberries. Chemicals in acai might also reduce swelling, lower blood sugar levels, and stimulate the immune system.


CBD + Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract

Rich in Polyphenols, Catechins, and Caffeine, Green Tea extract is reputed to have properties that make it beneficial for addressing and potentially preventing numerous skin-related complaints. For centuries, it has been used in Eastern traditional medicine to soothe inflammation, especially in association with eczema and joint pain, such as arthritis. Green Tea Extract contains the Methylxanthines which stimulate skin microcirculation, positively influencing the tone and health of the skin, and decreasing wrinkles, thereby making skin look younger. It is useful to incorporate Green Tea Extract into your skin care product to possibly slow down your skin's aging process.


CBD + Pomegranate Extract

Pomegranate Extract

Pomegranate Extract not only nourishes skin, but also prevents damage caused due to free radicals. Pomegranate Extract also stimulates cellular regeneration and is an effective anti-inflammatory. The Vitamin C present in Pomegranates plays a key role in collagen formation (skin is made up of collagen and elastic fibers), thus enabling the various proteins responsible for making healthy and stronger skin flourish. Pomegranate Extract also aids in moisturizing our skin with micronutrients and phytochemicals.


CBD + Organic Bergamot Essential Oil

Organic Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot essential oil benefits go far beyond its uplifting fragrance and include stress relief, mood boosting, pain relief and more. In fact, some claim that the anxiety-relieving benefits parallel that of conventional drugs! In Ayurvedic medicine, Bergamot Oil has been used to soothe acne, skin rashes, sores and sore throats, and bladder infections. It is also used to reduce fever, obesity, depression, eczema, gingivitis, flatulence, loss of appetite, and compulsive behaviors.


CBD + Organic Blue Tansy Essential Oil

Organic Blue Tansy Essential Oil

Organic Blue Tansy has a very fresh and alive quality – its refined and softly diffusive, herbaceous aroma attests to great care taken in the process of extracting the essential oil. Highly aromatic, warm, bitter-green, herbaceous aroma with softly penetrating camphor top notes; has a warm, woody-herbaceous drydown.


CBD + Organic Coffee Extract

Organic Coffee Extract

Coffee Extract has strong, anti-oxidant properties that help protect our skin and photo-protective qualities that make it useful in hair care products as well. Use our Coffee Extract in your anti-aging body lotions and creams to take full advantage of the anti-oxidation properties. Color protection shampoos, conditioners and other hair products will be enhanced by adding coffee extract as well.


CBD + Organic Clary Sage Essential Oil

Organic Clary Sage Essential Oil

A natural antidepressant, Clary Sage is commonly used to relieve stress and promote relaxation. It is also commonly used to balance hormonal disorders, improve digestion and circulation, as well as being a natural antibacterial. WIth a warm, musky, and herbal aroma, Clary Sage pairs well with cedarwood, geranium, jasmine, and rose.


CBD + Organic Geranium Essential Oil

Organic Geranium Essential Oil

Used cosmetically or topically in general, Geranium Essential Oil is reputed to effectively eliminate dead cells, tighten the skin, promote the regeneration of new skin, and diminish signs of aging. Used medicinally, Geranium Essential Oil works as an anti-inflammatory and anti-septic agent. It is reputed to enhance circulation, soothe symptoms of menstruation and menopause, reduce blood pressure and pain, and boost immunity.


CBD + Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit Essential Oil

Fresh, light, sweet yet sour, peel-like, mildly pithy aroma; Organic Grapefruit peel essential oil has good body and complexity in the dry-down. Grapefruit oils, like all citrus peel oils, have a predominance of limonene, the bright, lemony monoterpene that provides an absolutely delightful aroma when diffused to refresh and disinfect room environments. Limonene is currently under extensive research for its role in breast health and abnormal cell growth.


CBD + Organic Myrrh Essential Oil

Organic Myrrh Essential Oil

Myrrh is a grounding oil that is woody, earthy, and slightly balsamic. It is often used in meditation to encourage spiritual awakening and inner peace. Myrrh has long beein heralded as a precious commodity since biblical times. It has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties making it a great addition to oral hygiene. Recently, it has been studied as a possible treatment to combat gynecologic cancer cells.


CBD + Organic Jojoba Essential Oil

Organic Jojoba Essential Oil

Often referred to as nature’s moisturizer for its ability to mimic the skin’s sebum, Jojoba oil is known for being hypoallergenic, which makes it excellent for sensitive skin and for use as a massage oil. It's a natural moisturizer that not only hydrates the skin but also builds a protective barrier to ensure that the moisture doesn't go anywhere. Jojoba oil has a similar molecular structure and composition to sebum, which the skin naturally produces for moisturization.


CBD + Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil is one of the oldest essential oils known. It is believed to be cultivated by the Arabs, and traded with the Greeks as early as 600 B.C. The Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks, all used this essential oil in there day to day living, and helped to spread its popularity across the earth. Lavender has cosmetic, odourous, and medicinal uses, demonstrating soothing, sedative activities in each form, which can include oils, gels, lotions, soaps, shampoos, and sprays.


CBD + Organic Lemon Essential Oil

Organic Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oil is known to be invigorating, cleansing, and purifying. Both the Lemon fruit and the essential oil have been used in Ayurvedic medicines for thousands of years to treat a vast range of health issues. Lemon Oil possibly has the most powerful anti-microbial activity of all the essential oils. Lemon Oil can boost energy and metabolism, enhance moods, and disinfect skin. A powerful antimicrobial, it has long been used as a natural disinfectant. This magical oil also improves skin tone, treats acne, and heals wounds of all kinds. It is also an incredible stress reliever and has been used to increase energy, reduce anxiety and depression, and even relieve pain.


CBD + Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil

Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass is among the most popular essential oils used today for its effectiveness, health benefits, and a wide variety of applications. Lemongrass is most commonly used to relieve digestive issues, reduce bodily aches, pains, and high temperatures, and eliminate harmful bacteria. Used cosmetically or topically in general, Lemongrass Oil can eliminate or inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria due to its Citral content, which is known to have anti-microbial properties. Lemongrass Oil can reduce inflammation due to its Limonene content, and it can slow down the flow of blood by contracting blood vessels. When used in shampoos, it is believed to prevent hair loss. Lemongrass makes an effective, inexpensive, eco-friendly and long-lasting deodorant.


CBD + Organic Neroli Essential Oil

Organic Neroli Essential Oil

Neroli's intense floral and citrusy profile pairs well with cedarwood, roman chamomile, geranium, jasmine, lavender, and rose. Distilled from the fragrant blossoms of the orange tree, Neroli is a powerful and invigorating oil benefiting skincare and emotional needs. This uplifting oil is frequently used to ease feelings of depression, anxiety, sadness, and grief. It encourages inner peace and is often used in meditation. Cosmetically, Neroli is revered for its ability to lessen the appearance of scarring and stretch marks, as well as evening skin tone.


CBD + Organic Oregano Essential Oil

Organic Oregano Essential Oil

Both the herb and the essential oil of Oregano have been used for medicinal purposes since the time of Greek physicians Hippocrates and Maimonides, who prescribed it to their patients for their respiratory and digestive ailments. Diluted Oregano Oil relieves cough and cold symptoms when inhaled, disinfects surfaces when used as an antiseptic cleaning agent, and soothes topical discomforts such as inflammation and itchiness when used in cosmetics like moisturizers and shampoos.


CBD + Organic Peppermint Essential Oil

Organic Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint essential oil is multi-purpose, earning the reputation of being one of the most versatile oils in the world along with Lavender oil. There are numerous applications for which Peppermint essential oil can be used, including cosmetics, aromatherapy, relaxing baths, and as a cleaning agent around the house. The most active components of Peppermint essential oil are Menthol and Menthone, which are known to reduce pain and to invigorate, energize, and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, respectively.


CBD + Organic Rose Essential Oil

Organic Rose Essential Oil

Rose oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties, making it an excellent choice to use in skincare products. Rose oil functions as a pain reliever when inhaled or applied to the skin. It can also relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety and be used as an aphrodisiac. It’s believed that rose oil releases endorphins in the brain, which are known as the “feel-good chemicals” that aid in pain relief and happiness.


CBD + Organic Rosemary Essential Oil

Organic Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary's strong and camphorous aroma makes it ideal in massage routines as it has been shown to relieve tension and increase circulation in the skin and muscles. It is heralded for its ability to improve memory retention and increase mental focus. When added to skincare routines, Rosemary Oil has been shown to decrease hair loss, clear acne, and work overtime to powerfully detoxify the skin. Rosemary Oil has a refreshing and camphorous aroma that blends well with Frankincense, Lavender, Basil, Thyme, Peppermint, Cedarwood, and Tea Tree Oils.


CBD + Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Sweet Orange Essential Oil

When used topically, Orange Essential Oil is beneficial for maintaining the health, appearance, and texture of skin by promoting clarity, radiance, and smoothness, thereby reducing the signs of acne and other uncomfortable skin conditions. Applied in a massage, Orange Essential Oil is known to increase blood flow. This is known to relieve discomforts associated with inflammation, headaches, menstruation, and low libido.


CBD + Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil

A purifying dignitary, tea tree oil is a great choice for skin blemish treatment, air purification, and overall household disinfection. In haircare, tea tree oil can moisturize and purify the scalp, resulting in smooth, moisturized tresses. It can also be diffused to reduce stress and calm feelings of anxiety.


CBD + Yarrow Essential Oil

Yarrow Essential Oil

Yarrow Essential Oil has a sweet, earthy, slightly floral aroma that is grounding and balancing. It helps bring you back to your center and allows for harmony and peace. When used in cosmetic applications, Yarrow moisturizes and revitalizes the appearance of skin. Yarrow is also soothing to tired muscles and joints when combined with massage.


CBD + Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang Ylang (pronounced "Ee-lang Ee-lang") has an intoxicating scent and multiple medicinal uses. Revered for its stress and anxiety reducing qualities. Ylang Ylang is also used to treat hypertention and heart palpitations. Cosmetically, it has been praised for combatting acne and oily skin, as well as a common treatment for hair loss. Ylang Ylang is also considered an aphrodisiac.